3rd Party Support Services
About 3rd Party Support Services

We come to your location , provide on site computer technical support, and fix your computer problem, without the hassles of having to unplug and drag your broken computer to a repair shop, and then having to figure out which cables go where?

Of cource this is where a Computer Technical Support Specialist comes in! We have some of the most experienced computer technicans in the country. We can help remove viruses and spy/malware from your computer for you.


We at 3RD Party Support Services provide expert Computer Support Services for our customers and we work in the evenings and on weekends, because we know how inconvenient it is to have to take off work and wiat hours for a repair person or Technican to finally show up.


We also provide Video Memorial services for familys that may have lost a loved one and want a permanent way of remembering them. We can either put the video on DVD or Video CD, whichever you prefer.

Our rates are some of the lowest in our region and we are resonable and fair.

Mac Qualified

PC Qualified

Linux Qualified